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My art may not be much or great but this is to show and say if someone like me can draw so can you, and it is to get those who are afraid to show their talents to come out and say "hey I can do art too" and be proud of it.





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HUG ATTACK!!! *Hugs and Glomps* XD
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*random hugggz*
Wed Jan 22, 2014, 1:26 PM
Oh yeah, it was me, I just checked XD, I keep forgetting who I give what to who here :D, but anyway you are welcome :).
Thu May 9, 2013, 3:00 PM
I didn't change my name, I've always had this name :D, and I gave you a PM? Are you sure that was me?
Thu May 9, 2013, 2:58 PM
oh, you're the one who gave me the PM!! you've changed your name! didn't realize! TY<3
Thu May 9, 2013, 2:35 PM
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Thu Feb 21, 2013, 5:44 AM
Holycow I've been taken by aliens and now I've got a cow mooing at me, it's like one of those movies :D.
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Happy New Year

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 31, 2017, 2:37 PM
2018 already? Blimey where has the time gone? I mean I feel like I have just writ the last year journal yesterday, time sure flies, but however even though time goes on I gotta say 2017 has been alot better compared to 2016, ok there was some ups and downs, but looking at it overall it has been mostly good.

I moved into a place, got settled, ok I am not in an actually place of my own, but it is a stepping stone, plus it got me to show how much I really appreciate, not only the old home, but also how much my mother has done for me, even though yes I did and still do appreciate what she does, but one never really sees that truly until they are in a place of their own or are away and then suddenly they realise how much it really means, if that makes any sense.

I also feel I have achieved alot this year both art wise and real life wise, ok I still have alot to do before I can say I am out of the woods, but at lest I have came to accept my issues more, like my mental illness and such.

But what I feel I have achieved alot more this year is getting close to people, specially people online wise.


Even though I have been really close with these three already, but I feel I have became real close to them even more this year, we both gotten to know each other alot more, both helped each other, infact they have helped me alot this year, specially in my time of need they would come to me and ask me to talk to them, they wouldn't give up on me and kept at my side, kept telling me the positives and kept my spirits up, even though they had issues of their own, but yet they still come at my side and do what they do best, I really owe it to these three, alot.


Another three I have became so close to this year, people who both messaged me here and emailed me, keeping the positives and cheers going, making me laugh and always giving a bright spark.

All six of these people have been both thee best and a massive support to me, and I will always say to anyone watch them, talk to them, don't just watch them for their arts, watch them for who they are, what they do because people like them are the real heroes around here, ones I will always say a big massive thank you to and give alot of hugs to as I owe alot to these amazing people.

There have been others who came to my aid and helped me, even supported me too and I will always extend my thanks to them aswell.

So Happy New Year everyone, may this year be so much better and fall of amazing things.

  • Listening to: All sorts of music
  • Reading: Stories
  • Watching: Too many things
  • Playing: All sorts of games
  • Eating: Rice Pudding
  • Drinking: Tea


Fireball Stardraco Flowlight
United Kingdom
Real Name: Alan
Age: 37
Date of Birth: 03/10/80

About me:

I'm just any normal guy that likes to write a lot and also draw, although my art skills are bad but it matters not to me because I enjoy what I do and that is what counts.

I am a nice person but however not a push over, I will help anyone out and listen to anyone who needs an ear to listen to them.

I may act mature on here but in real life I am quite the crazy so and so, so don't think because I act mature here means I am, I can have fun aswell as being a responsible adult.


Computers, gaming, reading, writing, drawing, talking, thinking, using my imagination, collecting and so on.


Macross, Robotech, Hack, Lodoss War, Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman), Shadow Skill, Zone of the Enders (Z.O.E), Princess Mononoke, Sonic X and Sonic The Movie and more.


Ulysses 31, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Starchaser, Bucky O'Hare (What?), Sonic SatAM and Adventures, Flight of Dragons, The Last Unicorn and ect.


Reign of Fire, Aliens (who don't love that?), Lord of the Rings, Eragon, the new Star Trek, We Were Soldiers, Saving Private Ryan, Windtalkers, War of the Worlds (the old one) and so forth.


Phantasy Star (mainly the older ones), Final Fantasy, Grandia, Breath of Fire, Sonic, Hack, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Aliens vs Predator, Valkyrie Profile, Zelda, Zone of the Enders, Odin Sphere, Star Ocean, Tales, Spyro, Dragonforce (Sega Saturn), Flashback, Lost Eden (CDI) and much more.


Dragons (oh I love my dragons), Sonic, Final Fantasy, Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman), Robotech and Macross, computers, strange and unique things and ect.


I have almost all of them so it is a big long list, that Includes the really old ones, shows my age eh? lol

Game Tags:

Xbox: FireballDraco
PlayStation: fireballdraco
Wii U ID: FireballDraco



Yahoo: fireball_stardraco


AIM: fireballdraco

ICQ: 347462553

It isn't much I'm asking, all I'm asking is by FireballStardraco


I don't do tags either, thank you ^^


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I have a Discord now 

4 deviants said Can I add you? (Note me)
2 deviants said As in from MLP? (That would explain the chaos going around)
1 deviant said Good, now get Twitch (one step at a time lol)
No deviants said Abit late aren't you? (Well excuuse me XD)


Dragon Family/Kingdom

People whom I am extremely close to that I consider as family

Dragon Pact Guardians:

Magical Garden Fairy

:iconstarsophi: You've been a sweet friend to this old dragon, kind, caring, very supportive, full of great ideas, even in the notes when we share our ideas you always have ones that are so inspirational, but you've also been pushing this old dragon to do better and for this I am thankful.


Your words of wisdom has always rang true in my mind and heart, giving me neverending guidance and lighting my way when I am lost, your smile and kindness has shown me a tranquil path and made me feel at ease, it is your wisdom and words that has gotten me through this and has lighten up my darkest of hours.

Pact with: Fireball as they are both alike in every way and are always watching each others backs, plus they are patch for life.

Cosmic Cat:

:icondido-antares: You did such amazing fanarts for me recently and have commented on alot of my works, and given me a great deal of support, you are one of many kind hearted people on here that deserve to be watched and to befriended by all, thank you for all the kindness that you have given me, you are truly an amazing person.


You have been that neverending support and warmth, your kindness reaches out and helps me to keep pushing forward, your supporting words and friendship has been beyond that of a true friend, you have made me feel warm in my colder times and have kept me supported whenever things are down, you truly have been there.

Pact with: Cleo, warming with others and always giving their fullest support.

Grey Wolf Sister

:iconx-soniatyler-x: You have been a huge support to this old dragon and I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have said and done for me, you are truly a good friend, and with friends like you who can not be strong? It is people like you that make others strong, and I thank you for that my friend :glomp:.


Your courageous nature has been an inspiration to me, your boldness and attitude has made me smile and feel less afraid, your ability to smile and laugh has taught me that even when things seem worst that I can still smile and laugh, you have shown me to be more brave and helped me to keep fighting my issues.

Pact with: Sabeena, both brave in their ways and always willing to take that extra step.

:iconninchiru: You are such a kind, amazing artist whose friendship goes far and beyond to not just people like myself but to all who seek a kind friend, you really have been an inspiration and a motivation to this old dragon, as both artist and person you are truly someone I have had the honor of watching and befriending, thank you for being what you are.


You have been that driving force and strength to me, you have kept me going with both your strong words and inspiration, your strength has helped me to remain strong and kept me standing, your words have been so powerful that they reach out to me even in my lowest of times and made me continue on with what I do best.

Pact with: Seleena, both strong in words and are the driving force of many.

Royal Jester Sister:

:icongritbat: You have been such a great support and always, always have something to say, you are never out of words or ideas, you are such a great support and friend to this dragon, he really is thankful to you.


You have been that fun side that has made me both smile and laugh, even in your art and the style you draw in it screams out fun, there is never a dull moment with you, there is always something to keep smiling for and you have always kept those smiles going with both me and others here.

Pact with: Sapphire who is full of fun and kindness, and giving people a positive vibe.


Closest Friends

Little Spirit Lynx Sister:

:iconpoolvosje: Another good friend and a talented artist, who has been very supportive to alot of people, she has alot of good ideas and alot of amazing arts, well worth checking out and well worth watching, and another buddy this old dragon is thankful to.

The Divine Warrior Princess:

:iconninawindia: You I will always be grateful for as you have shown me so much in life and have helped me along the way, even when my illness got the better of me you stood by me and cheered me up with your talks and smiles.

Head Priestess Chancellor of Love

:iconangelicempyress: You I am thankful for, you've been such a wonderful friend to me and tort me a great lesson in life, if it wasn't for people like you this dragon would of been lost, I owe you alot.

Night keeper dragon:

:iconnightdragon07: I thank you for your supports and friendship, you have commented on alot of my works and have been cheering me on to keep drawing, it is people like you that keeps people like me drawing.

Close Friends

:iconstephdragonness: Your positive vibes and comments has always been a inspiration for both fun and enjoyment, you really know how to bring fun to both DA and art itself, your supports on my works has always meant alot to this old dragon and I couldn't be more proud then to be watching you, you really are fun to talk to and it is always a joy to comment and view your works, and I will always tell you to keep up the hard works and never stop in doing what you do as you are the best at what you do.

:iconaquarellesplash: You have both fantastic art and a fantastic attitude, one that makes the best artist and person, you are an amazing, kind person, who deserves alot of good in their life and I hope that everyday you get something good, keep on smiling and keep your head strong, you are a good friend to many here, never doubt yourself.

:icondrawitout: I thank you for your inspirations and how you have treated this old dragon, I am really grateful to people like you.

:iconastraaurora: You've made me laugh and been a great friend to banta to, you've even been great in the conversations we have, specially when it comes to talking about our issues, with you I feel I can talk about anything and not be afraid.

:iconlan0ra: You have been such an amazing friend to this dragon, you have no idea how grateful I am for your support, kindness and inspiration, you are such an awesome person that I am forever grateful for.

:iconastral-wingz: an awesome artist with alot of talent in you, one of many people I can talk to and one of many I can proudly call a friend, it is people like yourself that make DA the good place it is and it is people like yourself that deserves to be watched, so keep on doing what you do best and keep on being you.

:iconphoenixsalover: You have been one of many fantastic artist who has always something to say and are very talented with both your arts and ideas, you are not only awesome as an artist but you are as a person and I couldn't be more proud then to watch you, my friend.

:iconqueenmoreta: Thank you for the kind words, you are truly one of many people I can say and call a friend, I say this to many that are my friends and it may sound like a repeat, but it is true, you are truly someone I have came to known for a short time and from day one you have been more then a nice person to me, you really are such an amazing young lady and if anyone says other wise you just remind them what I said because you are such a great person, I don't know what I do without people like you, I really owe it to you and everyone for being such a huge backbone to this old dragon, thank you, I really mean that :hug:.

:iconoreana: A friendly artist who has alot of talent and skill on her, who also has alot of brilliant and interesting characters too, an artist you can approach and talk to, she always has something nice to say and is very welcoming with people both old and new, she is one of many artist on here I would very well say watch and support, not just because of her works, but because of who she is.

:iconjb-pawstep: Like your mind twin I watch you have been good to this old dragon and really been such a huge friend to I and many, your works, characters and ideas are more then just your creations and artworks, they are something that can inspire alot of people and bring people into another world, even me, I thank you for being you, I am so glad to come across people like you :).

:iconbarodiusfan: Thank you for all your kind supports and features you have given this old dragon, you have my fullest appreciation and supports, you really are one of many on here who is kind to alot of people and if anyone deserves to be watched it is people like yourself.

:iconbearsbox: Another talented friend, to whom I am thankful for and is always giving this old dragon alot of support, she has been a long time watcher and friend, and is someone who deserves watchers and comments, she is also very clever and talented with her works and I would suggest to anyone to check her out.

:iconkissthethunder: An amazing artist, who is both talented and inspiring with her works, she can draw up an amazing drawing and she can also create amazing plots and stories for her works, but not only she is talented she is also someone I call a friend, someone I have high respects for, and I say watch her, not just for her Sonic Art, but for who she is, as she is one of many amazing people here.


Other people you should watch, believe me these people are very good to, so give them all your support :).




If there is someone I have missed or you like to be featured then please feel free to tell me, I won’t bite or call you a noob, even if you don’t know me or don’t watch me or whatever, if you want to be featured just ask away, this old dragon is friendly :).

But I like to state again, remember that art is not just about favs, comments, popularity and being the best and such, it’s about wanting to do it and enjoying it, if you want to do it and enjoy it then that is all the motive you need to draw.



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